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Another update.

Finished rewriting a scene in “Blessing of the Wood” last night where the pacing felt really off.  I’m giving it a little time to simmer before finally beginning the editing process.

The first couple of scenes of “Jackin’ Jill Pt. 2” have been written for a while, but contest stories and other things that popped in my head, demanding to be written, have kept it on the back burner.  I already have a lot of scenes written for this one that won’t need anything more than a few tweaks.  The story was originally conceived as a single story, but I ended up splitting it.  After I get through the transition chapter, it should move along quickly toward completion.

One thing I don’t believe I’ve mentioned is a website exclusive short that I’ve started.  It’s called “The Right Touch” and is the first of a four-part series about a young Celes.  The other stories in the series are currently titled, “A Helping Hand”, “To New Heights”, and “It’s Something More”.  They’ll touch on the budding relationship between her and her friend Anna, who later becomes her partner and lover.  It relays Celes’ first sexual experiences with Anna.

Have a tentative title and a working idea for a Saggitariad and Carol story set at about the same time as “King Thakkorias” which is “A Thief ‘n the Knight”.  Also have a concept for a much longer story centered on Carol set around the time of “Lowborn”.  No title for that one just yet.

I’ve had an idea for a while to write about Mara and Wade’s baby being born, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  It will be set between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and reveal something that will be a central theme when their daughter shows up in a later story at eighteen.  The plan is for it to be a website exclusive short story, and the first to go back into the timeline, rather than constantly moving forward, as all the others have.  Title is “Child of the Wood”

A story I’ve been building toward for several installments now is forming up in my head as well.  It’s called “Beloved of the Wood”.  It’s about Xanbrina as she deals with hiding away from the world because she doesn’t really age, watching her husband grow old at her side, and knowing her kids are going to have to face that too.

Figured I’d put something up here since I can’t seem to concentrate to write this morning.  Maybe I’ll have more luck with that when I flip through the open stories ( three of them ) again in a little while to see if any of them are singing to me.


Stuff in progress

Thought I’d drop a quick update here.  I’ve been posting a lot to my shoutbox on the forum, but didn’t add anything to the blog.

First, this year’s Magic of the Wood story is still moving.  I hit some roadblocks here and there, which is why an Earth Day story is going to come out so late, but it will come out.  I just cleared another hurdle that I think may be the final one.  We’ll see, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Jackin’ Jill Pt. 2 is also in progress.  Once I get past the transition chapter between the two parts, there’s a lot of the story that’s already written.  I’ve only had it on hold while I work on the Wood story and some contest stories as RR.

As always, I’m musing and tinkering with SOTM.  I know it’s been forever and a day since I posted a new chapter, but know that it’s always on my mind.  It haunts me to have the story sitting there unfinished.  It’s always heart-wrenching to write, though.  Combine that with a critical juncture in the story, and it’s doubly hard.

If you check my forum post about history brainstorming, you’ll see that I’m working on stories in the Nobles by Deed series, focusing on characters who have barely been mentioned — Saggitariad and his wife.

I know I’ve mentioned this here, but I also have a solid framework for the sequel to Blackhawk Hall in place.

Thought I’d drop a line, and hope to be coming back to the blog soon to announce the release of “Blessing of the Wood” and “Jackin’ Jill Pt. 2”


Blackhawk Sequel Brainstorm

Had a major brainstorm the other day that gave me the central plot of the sequel to “Blackhawk Hall”.

No doubt it will be far in the future before it’s finished, but the title of the story is “Beacon of the Rising Serf”.

Making notes and fleshing it out at this point.  I’ll post again when it gets started, naturally.

Sorry for the quiet.  Most of my writing lately has been in my RR pen name, as I haven’t had the time or brainpower for involved stories.


What’s “All the Fuss”?

Christi Crimm has been more concerned with learning how to handle a man with a sword to bother with anything else.  The obsession everyone her age has with sex has been a curiosity, but not much more – until now.

Maybe it’s time to find out what All the Fuss is about.

Brand new website exclusive story in the “Nobles by Deed” series, taking place about two years before “Casting Off Convention”!

Really fond of this one.  I darn near decided to post it to the story sites because it turned out to be such a gem, but stuck to my guns and left it as a website exclusive.

Comment form is at the bottom of the story *hint, hint* LOL


Two in the works

First off, this blog isn’t the only place I tend to ramble on about what I’m doing.  Don’t forget to check out the forum for new topics and the shoutbox there for quick random thoughts.  There’s also Facebook and Twitter.

As I mentioned in the last update, the next story in the Magic of the Wood series is in progress for the Literotica Earth Day contest.  Up to a couple thousand words now, with most of the major plot points introduced.

I’m also working on a new, early Christi story called “All the Fuss” that will be a website exclusive short.  That one is getting fairly close to done after I put it aside for quite some time a while back.