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Anew As One

Now live on Stories Space, micro fiction in 100 words or less.  The story of Penny and Xantwilla from “Blessing of the Wood”

Anew As One

Go give it a read and a vote, won’t you?  There’s also a somewhat toned-down version of “To Catch a Merchant Princess” there, as well as “Ride No More”.  I also recently added two funny stories from my old PnP gaming days, and have one more ready to go up there as well.  This is a more or less non-erotic site, and will be one of the homes for some non-erotic stories from Danica’s world in the future, such as the origin story of Meckataur.


Blessing is live at Lit and SOL

Lit caught me off-guard and posted Blessing a day early.  In the rush to update everything, I somehow forgot to drop the links here in the blog.

Blessing of the Wood on Literotica

Blessing of the Wood on Storiesonline

Go give it a read and a vote!  It’s only 2 votes away from making the toplist at SOL, which usually results in a nice boost to readership, so if you haven’t read and voted there, that’s potentially big for me.  It would debut at #1 on the toplist with the score it has right now.


Blessing of the Wood is GOLD.

Blessing of the Wood is back from editing, and I just finished formatting it to post on Literotica and Storiesonline.  I decided not to post this one at Lushstories since it’s more than 20k words and would have to be split into three pieces there.  Considering how little readership the series has there, the effort simply isn’t worth the reward.

I’ll put it in the queue at Lit on Tuesday, for an expected Thursday Night/Friday morning posting.  I’ll put it in the queue at SOL on Thursday night, expecting the same.


New Magic of the Wood off for editing

“Blessing of the Wood” just went in the mail to Roust for editing.  Because of the length, it will probably take some time to run through the process.

Whenever I get it back and finalized, it will go in the queue to post for the following Thursday night/Friday morning.

It’s late as hell for an Earth Day story, but considering I failed to release an Earth Day story in the series for four years now, and completely failed to release one last year, late is better than never!