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Feather and Scale Ebook

Finally remembered to upload the Ebook for “Feather and Scale”.  Grab your copy of Aris’ latest adventure in RTF or Kindle compatible PRC format.


The next story in the series is already deep into the outline and musing stage.  It will take place shortly after Feather and Scale, and is called “Tangled Coils”.

I’m also writing the next story in the Darkni history tales, called “Gates of Enchantment” which details the beginnings of two deeply important areas of magical study for him, and leads into the next story as well.

SOTM 21 is still in progress.  I had to work out some major timezone flubs, and it put me off writing for a while.  Working on Darkni has pulled me back into the world, so I should be able to get back to it in earnest after finishing some contest stories and quickies to fill categories at Lush as RR.

One of those potential contest stories is in the Magic of the Wood series, and is the culmination of pieces I’ve been putting in place since all the way back in “Kindred of the Wood”.  It takes place around the twins’ handfasting during the summer solstice, but is a tale of Brina and her husband.


Jackin’ Jill Ebook

Jackin’ Jill is now available in Kindle .prc and RTF formats.  All five chapters are gathered in one convenient download package, and can be found on my downloads page.

Darkniciad.com Downloads

If you look around the forum while you’re there, you can find the smallest of hints of what’s to come in Rod, Jill, and Denise’s story.

I’m also about 14k words into this year’s Earth Day story in the Magic of the Wood series.  I only see one potentially sticky interaction remaining, so I’m confident this one is going to finish and post.

I don’t think I’m going to make it by Earth day, though.  There simply isn’t time to finish it, give it time to simmer, edit it, and post it even to the next-day-turnaround sites by the 22nd.  At this point, I’m shooting to have it post before the end of April.

Considering how many years in a row I’ve failed to deliver an Earth Day story, late is most certainly better than never.