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Celes offers a helping hand

The second story in the new Celes history series is live!  This time, circumstances encourage Celes to offer Anna a helping hand.

Check it out right here!


If you haven’t been reading the forum, I’m also close to finishing the first draft of SOTM Ch. 19.  Once scene left to write.  I won’t be releasing it until I finish at least Ch. 20, though.

Already have the first and last scenes of chapter 20 figured out as well.  As always, no promises, considering how my muse has regularly failed me on this story, but at least it’s moving forward.


Celes finds the right touch

My short story page has just been updated with the first of several Celes shorts.  It’s called “The Right Touch” and expands upon Celes’ explanation to Danica of how she came to understand and accept her sexuality.

You can read it right here:


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