Infrastructure Updates getting somewhere.

Well, I believe I finally have all the infrastructure updates complete.  Now, I just have to recode every single one of my pages to get the original content back up.  Lots of them were dependent upon the original infrastructure, and that’s all defunct.

I have temporary pages up for the warning page and front page of the RR site, as well as  They only link to the forum ( up, but in heavy need of tweaking ) and the blogs, but at least they’re functional.  That is where almost all of my offsite links point to.

My backend which lets me update my story database is also full of things that will need replaced, which means I’ll have to manually enter data until I can get my tools back up and running.

I’ve got a request posted elsewhere, hoping someone is willing to take a few bucks to point out replacements for the functions and templates I used, but it’s been up for a couple of days with no bites.  If I have to do the research myself, it’s going to take a long time.  I haven’t coded anything in bleeding forever.


Doing Website Upgrades

I’m in the process of doing website upgrades, so this blog is going to look weird for a while.  My original theme simply doesn’t work on the new infrastructure of the website.  I’ll tweak it eventually, but for now, the posts are all still here.

The website itself may very well be down for a while.  The forum will probably come back first ( as it’s the second level of infrastructure for the main site ) and the new version is a massive change from what I had before.

ETA: Or maybe not.  LOL  I upgraded the infrastructure a step too far.  Backed down, and everything I had up before was working fine.  Now to see if the old theme works on this version.

ETA2: Nope.  I’ll just have to tweak this theme or choose another one that I like better.  For now, I’m just going to leave it alone, as the posts are here, the website is working, etc.


Ebook Upload and what’s moving.

Realized that I never uploaded the Ebook for “Unsealed” so that’s been remedied.  It’s available on the download page of my forum.

I’ve got a few Dark/Les things moving right now.  The next story of Darkni’s history “Gates of Enchantment” is moving along.  I also have a multi-chapter story about Betty, one of the three prostitutes who set out to start their own brothel at the end of “Lowborn”.  She’s finally striking out on her own, but she meets some serious resistance in “One Whore’s Town”.  The third thing that’s moving is the next story in the Ancient Peoples, and it’s called “Tangled Coils”.

Those are what’s singing to me right now, after nothing has been for months, so I’m not arguing with my muse.

Sorry as always for the lack of updates.  When I hit a motivation slump, it extends to pretty much everything, not just my writing.


New Fey Folk, “Unsealed”

Must have been asleep at the wheel and forgot to add an entry here when “Unsealed” went live on Lit for the “Love the One(s) You’re With” contest.  A bi-curious girl stuck in pandemic lockdown finds the perfect escape.

Now also available on Storiesonline.

It’s also in the queue at Lushstories, and should be up shortly.  EDIT: Up on Lush, and awarded a Recommended read!

I’m a little over 15k words into “Queen of the Wood” and about to start the build to that moment you more or less expect in one of the Wood stories—that tear-jerking moment of wonder.  After that comes the naughty bits, and then the closing.  There are three future MCs making a very, very cameo appearance in this one.  This one will absolutely have a shorter companion story that I haven’t quite titled yet.  It’s not going to have its own larger plot.  It will be running concurrent with Queen, and may very well be a website exclusive.  Not sure about that yet.  It could get posted elsewhere.  Have to see how I feel when I finish it.

On other fronts, the new Darkni story “Gates of Enchantment” is up to about 15k words as well, and finally hitting the first sex scene.  LOL  Haven’t been in the right frame of mind to write that yet.


Anew As One

Now live on Stories Space, micro fiction in 100 words or less.  The story of Penny and Xantwilla from “Blessing of the Wood”

Anew As One

Go give it a read and a vote, won’t you?  There’s also a somewhat toned-down version of “To Catch a Merchant Princess” there, as well as “Ride No More”.  I also recently added two funny stories from my old PnP gaming days, and have one more ready to go up there as well.  This is a more or less non-erotic site, and will be one of the homes for some non-erotic stories from Danica’s world in the future, such as the origin story of Meckataur.