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Innocent Blood Live for Horrorween!

I have a brand new short story live for the Lushstories Horrorween contest! ( Posted as RR because you can only have one pen name there )

A shy, flat-chested virgin receives a dire prediction from a fortune teller at the Halloween Festival.  What awaits her in the night lit by a blood red moon?

Go give it a read and a vote!

Still stuff in progress as Dark and Les.  I just needed to write some quicker, less substantial stories to get back on the horse after my long gaming hiatus.  SOTM, naturally, the new Darkni Story “Gates of Enchantment”, an early Saggitariad story, the next story in the Ancient Peoples universe…

Lots of new short stories out as RR ( mostly on Lush ) if you want to go check them out.  This particular story will go up on Lit and SOL once it’s had some exclusive time for the contest on Lush.



What’s “All the Fuss”?

Christi Crimm has been more concerned with learning how to handle a man with a sword to bother with anything else.  The obsession everyone her age has with sex has been a curiosity, but not much more – until now.

Maybe it’s time to find out what All the Fuss is about.

Brand new website exclusive story in the “Nobles by Deed” series, taking place about two years before “Casting Off Convention”!

Really fond of this one.  I darn near decided to post it to the story sites because it turned out to be such a gem, but stuck to my guns and left it as a website exclusive.

Comment form is at the bottom of the story *hint, hint* LOL


Nearly there on Jackin’ Jill

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to everyone else 🙂

Finished Ch. 05 and started the final chapter 6 of “Jackin’ Jill”.  There’s a fairly good chance that I’ll have it done before the week’s out.  Not sure how long it will take me to get the editing process done because of the holidays, but it shouldn’t be too long before it begins posting.

Also put up a couple more Les stories on the downloads page, and there will be more Ebooks coming over the next few days, since I’m off work.

There’s a pretty good chance that before I start editing Jackin’ Jill that I’ll get back to a Celes short I started a while ago.  I haven’t been able to find the right beginning for it, but I think I may finally have the right angle.  It will be going on my “shorts” page, not the story sites.

This will be one of a 4-part story from Celes’ early life.  I’m not sure whether the other parts will end up on my shorts page, or whether some of them might get combined and end up on the story sites.  At least one chapter of the story is a pretty dark one – regardless.

The first part is light, innocent, and sex-heavy.  The second will be as well.  The third is the dark chapter, and the fourth is the one that may merge with pt. 3 and end up as a full story on the story sites.  It will all depend on how it comes out when I write it, but I am leaning toward 3&4 being together, and coming out as “From the Hartwell”

The young one is winding down, so I may see if I can get a paragraph or three written tonight before I get too tired to visualize.


Some quick notes

I just started posting Merchant Princess over at Lushstories ( in my RR name ) after a few previous false starts of having a mod check the content.  First chapter is up, and the other five are approved to appear one per day.  There are ways you can cheat and read them all now, though 😉 ( similar stories link at the end of the chapters )

To Catch a Merchant Princess on Lush

Had to modify my database and backend utilities to list this one on “my work”, as the link was too long for what I had there *laugh*

I don’t expect it to get many reads, but hope that the few who do take a walk with me in that world on Lush enjoy it as much as I do.

In other news, I’m working on a dark story as Les for the Lit Halloween contest.  It’s called “The Man I Used to Be”.  Have an idea for a new Laresa story as well.  Here’s hoping I have time to write it and that it doesn’t stall on me like the idea I had for Christmas last year did.  It’s been a long time since the last Laresa’s World tale.