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And, Harper’s Fairy at Lit.

And finally, “Harper’s Fairy” is available to Literotica readers.  Hop on over, give it a read, vote, and comment if you’re so inclined.  A little late for the Christmas backdrop, but oh well 🙂


Working on finally getting SOTM rolling again after my timezone conundrum.  New Darkni story is moving as well.  On the Les front, musing my way through the final elements of the next Magic of the Wood and Ancient People stories.


Stocking Stuffer to go

Realized I didn’t have this one in the DL section yet, so I added “Mom’s Stocking Stuffer” to the downloads section just in time for Christmas 🙂

You can grab it right here.  It’s also available in RTF format.


Writing ongoing ( if slow during the week with long work hours ) and I have a lot of days off coming, so that should help.


Stocking Stuffer at Lush

“Mom’s Stocking Stuffer” is now up at Lush.

Check it out right here:  Mom’s Stocking Stuffer

Wasn’t able to finish His Christmas Wish, and there’s no chance of it making it out on Lit now, so I’ll probably file it away to finish next year.  My work hours are up by 25-50%, and it’s taking me a while to adjust.

Musing the next Magic of the Wood, but as far as writing, I’m working on SOTM and Lowborn when I have time and enough presence of mind to write.


Finding Karen at Lush

Finding Karen is now up at Lushstories.  You can find it right here: Finding Karen

Give it a read and a vote!

Still trying to finish “His Christmas Wish” but work doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with me there.  This jump in hours is really getting to me.  Realistically, there’s no way it will post before Christmas if I don’t manage to finish it tomorrow.

Starting to look like this one may sit in the folder until next year.  *sigh*


Time to take off the mask

I’m sure that more than a few of you have already figured it out, but my third pen name I’ve mentioned over the last few years is RejectReality.  I’m going to keep the website separate from this one, but otherwise bring the pen name “into the fold”.

The idea was to see how well I could do without name recognition, and that experiment has proven a grand success.

If you hadn’t figured it out yet, you can go to the Reject Reality site and check out the list of stories you might not have read.  Stand warned that your image filters don’t carry over there.  The pics are there, so be prepared for that.  The stories are heavy on stroke.  They’re sex-filled romps, with the occasional bit of romance or sweetness here and there.

I’ll also be posting some of my stories as Les and Dark on Lushstories now under the RejectReality name.  They don’t allow multiple pen names there, so that’s the way it’s got to go, since I signed up there to post as RR.

The first one just went live for the holiday season — although it won’t officially post until tomorrow.

You can read Grandfather Yule on Lushstories now.  “Finding Karen” is also in the queue, and will most likely post on the 18th.  Both of these have undergone some minor edits, but it’s all commas and bits of word choice.  No real change from the original versions available on Lit or SOL.

I’ll be posting all my existing Christmas-themed stories in all three pen names there over the next several days, leading up to Christmas.

I’m still working on the Laresa Christmas story as well.  Work has just been a pain, and the young one hasn’t been much better.   I’m right on top of hitting the sex and the ending.  Just a matter of finding the time and the energy to write it.

More Dark and Les stories will post to Lush as time goes on.  Some such as Barren Harvest, Danica, and Ebon Genesis are absolutely too dark for their guidelines, so those won’t post.  Word is that they’re extremely strict on violence and mental torment, so who knows if even stuff like Merchant Princess will meet their criteria.

If nothing else, the Magic of the Wood series will probably go up.  Odds are that Steward and Daughter will both get new edits.  Steward may even be expanded a little, while Daughter will probably get spiced up some.  If I do that, I’ll upload the new edits on SOL and Lit as well.

That’s enough for now.  Do come support “me” as RR on Lushstories.