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Doing Website Upgrades

I’m in the process of doing website upgrades, so this blog is going to look weird for a while.  My original theme simply doesn’t work on the new infrastructure of the website.  I’ll tweak it eventually, but for now, the posts are all still here.

The website itself may very well be down for a while.  The forum will probably come back first ( as it’s the second level of infrastructure for the main site ) and the new version is a massive change from what I had before.

ETA: Or maybe not.  LOL  I upgraded the infrastructure a step too far.  Backed down, and everything I had up before was working fine.  Now to see if the old theme works on this version.

ETA2: Nope.  I’ll just have to tweak this theme or choose another one that I like better.  For now, I’m just going to leave it alone, as the posts are here, the website is working, etc.


Ah, Anonymous… LOL

Dafuq did I just read?

This comment just appeared on “Mom’s Second Chance”, and I nearly hurt myself laughing.

Damn! What a naive and stretched boy fantasizing ..

Have you just kids  here will write? – Now there is no adult and EXPRIENCED writers?

dafuq did I just read

Yep.  That’s some serious literary criticism there!

If you’re going to leave a nasty comment on a story, try not to make everyone’s eyes bleed from your incomprehensible grammar and nauseating spelling. 😀


That was fun.

The scene I just finished tickled me to no end, and there’s more fun to be had with it too.

Hoping you enjoy it as much as I do when the chapter comes out.  I’m moving steadily toward the parts of the story where some serious action, fun, and heartwarming scenes come in, and those are always easier to write from a motivation standpoint, which is usually my biggest hurdle.

Here’s another little nugget before I release the first teaser on the forum:

That’s the image I’ll be using to advertise this chapter in my sig at Lit.

I’ll be back to writing tonight in a few minutes 🙂


A little better…

But still groggy from the cold meds.  I’m barely functioning well enough to write simple porn at the moment *laugh*  That’s why I’m trying to finish one last story for the Summer contest in my third name.  It’s keeping me doing something, even if it’s not the stories most of y’all coming here would really like to see moving.

When I’m coming out of a slump, any words getting on paper is a good thing.  Even though these are simple porn, I’m still developing characters, moving them through their paces, and having ideas.  When I’m in a slump, there’s simply nothing on the creative side of my brain functioning.  There’s a “gone fishing” sign out, and it stays there until my muse decides to come home.

Also exploring a new category with this one, and a little daring is a good sign, too.  New categories are never easy to break into.  You don’t have much idea what you’re getting into until you jump in, post it, and see what the readers think.  I’ve been successful so far, but you never know when that big flop is going to happen *laugh*

Okay, I’m going to try to get a little more written tonight, before the cold meds completely knock me out.



Yeah, as you can probably guess from the lack of updates, it’s been a lousy couple of weeks.

Between the heat ( no a.c. at work, and I’m out directly in it quite often ) and my child acting the ass, I haven’t felt like doing anything but pulling my hair out.

I’ve written a little here and there, but nothing really worth reporting.  The boy all of the sudden started behaving…  so well in fact that I’m wondering what he’s up to…

See what happens.  My muse can be a real bitch sometimes.

Also need to figure out what’s going on with the blog front-page widget.  It’s constantly saying “today” instead of displaying the date after “today” is over.  Grrr…

Probably just a cache setting I messed up at some point.