Doing Website Upgrades

I’m in the process of doing website upgrades, so this blog is going to look weird for a while.  My original theme simply doesn’t work on the new infrastructure of the website.  I’ll tweak it eventually, but for now, the posts are all still here.

The website itself may very well be down for a while.  The forum will probably come back first ( as it’s the second level of infrastructure for the main site ) and the new version is a massive change from what I had before.

ETA: Or maybe not.  LOL  I upgraded the infrastructure a step too far.  Backed down, and everything I had up before was working fine.  Now to see if the old theme works on this version.

ETA2: Nope.  I’ll just have to tweak this theme or choose another one that I like better.  For now, I’m just going to leave it alone, as the posts are here, the website is working, etc.