Seasonal Page added.

Just added a new page to the website, allowing you to view all my stories by specific season.  It can be reached via the quick jump menu whenever you’re on the “My Work” page.

Just wasn’t any good way to add another drop-down menu to that page :p

Seasonal Stories

The available seasons/holidays will probably expand in the future.  Once I have two or more stories set on the right day, I’ll create a specific seasonal division for it.

Whenever you view the page now, it automatically displays the most relevant seasonal stories for whenever you open it.  So, right now it starts out showing Valentine’s stories.  Once February is over, it will start showing Earth Day stories.  So on and so forth.

Now I just need to update my backend utilities to easily edit the new seasonal bit.  *laugh*  Shouldn’t be too difficult, but I’m not going to mess with it at this exact moment.  Have some editing to do.