The more I muse over restarting "Flesh", the more I keep running into the same problems as before.

If I go one way, it's not horror enough.  Considering there isn't a likeable protagonist in the entire cast, having it in horror is pretty much a requirement.  If I go another, it's creepy, and not in a way I think will be received well.  If I go another, it's too much like "Harvest of Blood" and feels like a rehash to me.

I may think about it, but I think I'm going to shelve the idea.

On the other hand -- out of the blue -- I had the spark of an idea for a new Laresa story set in a Halloween theme.

We'll see what happens as the idea congeals.

There are a few lines of dialogue that are holding me back on Lowborn.  Mind you, they're critical lines.  They're the revelation of something that starts in chapter one, and deeply woven into the whole story.  This little exchange has to be absolutely perfect, or the story simply isn't going to have the impact it should.

I'm mulling it over, experimenting with a few versions on "paper" and trying to tweak it to where it needs to be.

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