Some quick notes

I just started posting Merchant Princess over at Lushstories ( in my RR name ) after a few previous false starts of having a mod check the content.  First chapter is up, and the other five are approved to appear one per day.  There are ways you can cheat and read them all now, though 😉 ( similar stories link at the end of the chapters )

To Catch a Merchant Princess on Lush

Had to modify my database and backend utilities to list this one on "my work", as the link was too long for what I had there *laugh*

I don't expect it to get many reads, but hope that the few who do take a walk with me in that world on Lush enjoy it as much as I do.

In other news, I'm working on a dark story as Les for the Lit Halloween contest.  It's called "The Man I Used to Be".  Have an idea for a new Laresa story as well.  Here's hoping I have time to write it and that it doesn't stall on me like the idea I had for Christmas last year did.  It's been a long time since the last Laresa's World tale.


Laresa’s World Covers Updated

Still sick and doped up on cold meds.  I just can't visualize when I'm like this, because as soon as I close my eyes, I start nodding off.  It's about the same as when I'm too tired.

Anyway, I went ahead and updated some more covers, so I at least felt productive.  Those old covers have been bugging me for a long time.  I'd been putting it off, thinking it would be a pain in the ass.  Now that I've actually started working on them, it's proving to be a pretty quick and easy process.

Covers updated include: Fear of Freedom, The Blinding White, Genie Valentine, Deified, Marked for Vengeance, and Finding the Key.

Probably be the VR : DQ covers next.  Hoping I'll be well enough to write instead, though.


Time to take off the mask

I'm sure that more than a few of you have already figured it out, but my third pen name I've mentioned over the last few years is RejectReality.  I'm going to keep the website separate from this one, but otherwise bring the pen name "into the fold".

The idea was to see how well I could do without name recognition, and that experiment has proven a grand success.

If you hadn't figured it out yet, you can go to the Reject Reality site and check out the list of stories you might not have read.  Stand warned that your image filters don't carry over there.  The pics are there, so be prepared for that.  The stories are heavy on stroke.  They're sex-filled romps, with the occasional bit of romance or sweetness here and there.

I'll also be posting some of my stories as Les and Dark on Lushstories now under the RejectReality name.  They don't allow multiple pen names there, so that's the way it's got to go, since I signed up there to post as RR.

The first one just went live for the holiday season -- although it won't officially post until tomorrow.

You can read Grandfather Yule on Lushstories now.  "Finding Karen" is also in the queue, and will most likely post on the 18th.  Both of these have undergone some minor edits, but it's all commas and bits of word choice.  No real change from the original versions available on Lit or SOL.

I'll be posting all my existing Christmas-themed stories in all three pen names there over the next several days, leading up to Christmas.

I'm still working on the Laresa Christmas story as well.  Work has just been a pain, and the young one hasn't been much better.   I'm right on top of hitting the sex and the ending.  Just a matter of finding the time and the energy to write it.

More Dark and Les stories will post to Lush as time goes on.  Some such as Barren Harvest, Danica, and Ebon Genesis are absolutely too dark for their guidelines, so those won't post.  Word is that they're extremely strict on violence and mental torment, so who knows if even stuff like Merchant Princess will meet their criteria.

If nothing else, the Magic of the Wood series will probably go up.  Odds are that Steward and Daughter will both get new edits.  Steward may even be expanded a little, while Daughter will probably get spiced up some.  If I do that, I'll upload the new edits on SOL and Lit as well.

That's enough for now.  Do come support "me" as RR on Lushstories.


Didn’t make the contest, but…

Didn't make it in time for the contest, but I'm continuing His Christmas Wish to release as a regular story.  The pressure of the deadline on top of my increased hours at work and my car being a pain in the ass requiring service on the days I had scheduled off was just making it too difficult.

Without that deadline looming over me, I can relax a bit more on my days off and work on it.

Naturally, I'm also working on SOTM and Lowborn when I'm awake enough.  As always, apologies for the delays.  Not much I can do.  My muse and my energy are beyond my control.


Back at it

Finally recovered from the long week after getting plenty of sleep today.

So, I'm getting back down to work on His Christmas Wish, and hoping to finish it this weekend.