New Fey Folk story in Lushstories contest

The newest story in my Fey Folk series is now live, and part of the Lushstories Winter Adventure contest!

After a devastating breakup, Crystal needs a Christmas miracle to find herself again.

Go give "Harper's Fairy" a read and a vote to help me out in the contest!


Will be available on Lit and SOL after it's had some exclusive time for the contest.


Two in the works

First off, this blog isn't the only place I tend to ramble on about what I'm doing.  Don't forget to check out the forum for new topics and the shoutbox there for quick random thoughts.  There's also Facebook and Twitter.

As I mentioned in the last update, the next story in the Magic of the Wood series is in progress for the Literotica Earth Day contest.  Up to a couple thousand words now, with most of the major plot points introduced.

I'm also working on a new, early Christi story called "All the Fuss" that will be a website exclusive short.  That one is getting fairly close to done after I put it aside for quite some time a while back.


Friend of the Wood is live!

It was a long day at work yesterday, so I didn't manage to get this here when I updated it everywhere else.  Friend of the Wood is live in the Literotica Summer Lovin' contest!

Friend of the Wood

I just put it in the queue at Storiesonline, so it should post there soon.  SOL readers can feel free to get a sneak peek and vote for me in the contest at Lit, though 😉

And, it's live on Storiesonline as well!

Friend of the Wood on SOL


Friend of the Wood in the queue

The newest story in the Magic of the Wood series, "Friend of the Wood", is in the queue at Literotica for the Summer Lovin' contest.

As long as there isn't a contest posting snafu, it should be up tomorrow morning, so keep your eyes open!  Odds are that I won't have enough time to do the announcements between when it posts and when I have to leave for work