Finally back to writing.

Finally back to writing again after that long dry spell.  There's a new Darkni history story off for editing, and it will be coming soon.  It's called "Facing Destiny" and takes place when Darkni is about twenty.  Because he's about twenty years older than the rest of the companions, it will be up there in the timeline.

I also have the first of a quartet of Celes history shorts finished, giving more detail of what she told Danica so long ago about how she came to grips with her sexual identity.  The second is also in progress.  There's a fifth story that will be part of this as well, but it's a dark chapter, and so will be separate from the quartet.  They'll all be website exclusives.

Probably the most surprising thing is that I'm writing on Sisters of the Mists Ch. 19 again.  If you want to track progress on that, there's a post on the forum.

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