Chapter 2 in the queue

Chapter 2 of Lowborn is in the queue at Literotica, with an expected release of Monday.  Chapter 3 will go in Sunday, for an expected release on Thursday.  That's the two days I'm aiming for with the bi-weekly releases.

Nine chapters are completely through the editing process, and the tenth is in Roust's hands, so it will all most likely be gold by tomorrow.

With this story now posting, there will probably be a few more exclusive shorts show up on the website, because I want to bring a lot of the characters I've introduced forward into the "present day" of my world.  The first is already in progress, and centers on Mindblind's son Matthias.  It's something that took place "off camera" during Sisters of the Mists Ch. 04.

Mindblind and Christi will both make appearances, as will a character from Lowborn ( probably not the one you might expect )

Speaking of SOTM, I'm getting a line or two written here and there on that as well.  I'll probably put some focus on it this weekend, especially if I wake up before the young one at any point.

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